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Metsä ja Puut
The tool for forest owners

Dear visitor,

Metsä ja Puut valuation service is no longer in use for individual customers. It will, however, remain usable for our business clients.

Thank you for all the past years – we wish you a very pleasant summer!

Valuing a forest estate is now easier than ever! Click yourself to the Metsä ja Puut service, find the forest estate you want by location or with the estate ID, and save the valuation report to your device.

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Metsä ja Puut is the only service that will give you the market value of any forest estate in Finland. In addition, the Metsä ja Puut report also includes the summation value and income value estimates.

Report with key figures

In addition to the different values, the report additionally includes key figures related to carbon sequestration as well as logging suggestions.

Easy access

Acquiring the report is easy: Find the forest estate you're interested in by its ID, address, or using the map, select the desired report, and you'll have access to the report in no time.

Three values for different needs

The Metsä ja Puut report contains three differently defined values that can be used in determining the value of the forest. 

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Market value

Value based on pricing of similar forest estates

Simosol's Metsä ja Puut report easily estimates the market value of a forest property online.


The market value tells you what people are actually paying for similar forest estates at the moment.

Income value

Value based on expected long-term cash flows from the forest

The Metsä ja Puut report is the only product on the market that provides a professionally calculated income value effortlessly and quickly.


The income value method is a well-established way to determine the value of forest for forest investors both in Finland and around the world.

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Summation value

A method commonly used in Finland to determine the value of a forest estate

The summation value tells you the value of a forest estate when it's used, for example, as the collateral for a loan, or when you desire to determine its taxable value.

Metsä ja Puut service combines all three values into one report, which helps the users of the report to make informed purchasing and auctioning decisions, as well as providing assistance in other matters that require valuation. 

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